Speed Test - How Fast is Your Panda?

Lets Check Out Your Speed- 1 2 3

Running a speed test will help you understand what performance to expect from your Internet connection. If the test results are not what you’re expecting, there could be a problem with your service. 

1. Before Testing

  • If you’re testing from a wireless device (such as a laptop, tablet, or phone), move closer to your wireless router.
  • If possible, ensure that the only device using your Internet connection is the one you are using to run the test.  Close out of other Browsers and Tabs, as well as shut down any Streaming Devices that might be connected to your network other than the device you are using to test your speed. 

 When ready, Click here to Start a Test

2. During Testing

  • While the test is running, do not use your device for other tasks.

3. After Testing

  • When the test has completed, please record the results somewhere for reference later. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The test result wasn’t what I expected. What’s wrong?
    There might be nothing wrong at all. More often than not, we’ve seen test results that were low because other devices were using your Internet connection at the time of test. This can skew the results drastically.

  • I unplugged all devices that could be using my Internet service and tried another test. It’s still not what I expect. What now?
    We recommend power-cycling your network equipment, or in other words restart your Modem or other Equipment connected to your Panda Stream Equipment that was installed.  If you don’t know how, call us (972)496-1401 and we’ll help you with that.

  • If all else, fails, please call our support team at (972)496-1401 and we will work with you to determine the problem and find a way to fix it.