Panda Business Class #1 Bundle

Business Class Features


Bussiness Phone Features


Port-In Numbers Transfer toll free or local numbers to use with Panda Business Class.

Local and Toll Free Numbers Get local presence or nationwide reach – or, hey, both!

Automated Attendant Pre-recorded announcement acts as your virtual receptionist.

Professional Voice Recordings* Have your recordings created by talented professionals. 

After Hours Greeting Play a distinct greeting outside your business hours.

Company Directory Give a detailed list to help callers reach the right extension.

Dial-By-Name Let callers spell name of party trying to reach to route their call.

Smart Number Routing Create routing rules by caller’s number or number they dialed.

Availability Scheduling  Set the days and hours you want calls to forward.

Ring Groups Group multiple forwarding numbers with special ring options. 

Simultaneous Ring Ring several phones at once on your forwarded calls.

Call Rotation Evenly distribute incoming calls to a group of phone numbers.

Call Queue Queue forwarded calls until you’re available to answer.

Hold Music Library Choose from Easy Listening, Jazz, Rock, or House selections.

International Calling Call any international destination at highly competitive rates.

Web Management Interface Control your service, check messages, or run reports online.

Visual Call Reports Review detailed reports to see call patterns and caller info.

Call Record* Record your calls and listen online for training or legal purposes.

Call Hold Place callers on hold with music at any time.

Call Park/Retrieve Park calls and retrieve from any other CloudPBX device.

Call Transfer Transfer callers to another extension or phone number.

3-Way Conferencing Conference in a 3rd party on any call.

Call Blocking Reject unwanted calls by area code or specific number.

Outbound Caller ID Choose DID phone number or main CloudPBX number.

Call Screening Choose to answer, send to voicemail, transfer, or hang up.

Call Announce Hear a custom recording when answering a forwarded call.

Call Whisper Ask callers to speak their name and hear it before answering.

Call Transfer Send forwarded callers to another extension or voicemail.

Online Faxing Send and receive important documents online.

Direct Inward Dialing Each phone includes a number that rings to it directly.

Speed Dial Create a directory of frequently-dialed numbers to save time.

Last Number Redial Quickly call back the last caller you spoke with.

Do Not Disturb Automatically deflect incoming calls when busy.

Message Waiting Indicator Blinking light shows you when you have new messages.

Voicemail with Email Delivery Take messages at each extension and get notified by email.

Q&A Voicemail Ask callers questions and connect responses in one message.

Voicemail Transcription* Get your voicemail as text to win back hours of productivity.

Secure Voicemail Password-protect your voicemail sent by email.

File Compression Zip your voicemail by email to keep inbox load low.